Asthma Cough Treatment

Acute cough is a major problem associated with asthma. It occurs when the body tries continuously to clear bronchial passageways from phlegm and mucous. The bronchial tubes become smaller and tend to constrict if there is infection due to some illness. When the mucous develops in breathing tube, the body will not get enough air. This is the reason behind acute asthma cough and it is usually associated with mild fever. Coughing limits the breathing ability of asthma patients. Therefore, asthma cough treatment is very essential. Exercise may further intensify cough-variant asthma (CVA) so it should be avoided. CVA increases due exposure to cold air, strong fragrance, dust, etc.

Importance of Proper Diagnosis

Cough-variant asthma can attack all irrespective of age and gender. However, it is commonly found in young kids. Wheezing, shortness of breath, etc are the other problems associated with CVA. Proper diagnosis is essential for getting the best cough asthma treatment. However, diagnosing this health problem is little bit difficult because cough may be the only one symptom of this type of asthma. Cough is also the lone symptom for bronchitis and postnasal drip. Cough asthma can be diagnosed by conducting chest X-rays, physical examinations, spirometry, observing the medical history of patients, etc.

Treatment Methods

The primary step for cough asthma treatment is keeping the patient calm and quite. These coughs may cause an attack so the asthma patients become fearful and anxious. Cough can be reduced by drinking lots of water and breathing deeply. You can use inhaled medications such as albuterol for relaxing airway muscles temporarily. In order to get an immediate relief, inhale atrovent is helpful.

It is also essential to clean filters in furnace and air conditioner regularly. It is beneficial for reducing the presence of allergens and thus prevents cough. Air conditioner is also helpful for reducing humidity and cleaning inside air.

Home Remedies for Cough Asthma

Cough asthma treatment also include some home remedies. A mixture of almond paste, sugar and butter is highly effective for reducing dry cough. Almond paste can be prepared by soaking half cup of almonds overnight and grind them after removing the skin.

Dry cough can also be treated by using a teaspoon organic honey. Aneesed tee helps to break mucous and get relief from dry cough.

Licorice is the other effective medicine used for cough asthma treatment. It helps to soothe throat, bronchial membranes, and mucous membranes. It is also a good remedy for soothing the whole respiratory system and expelling mucous. However, patients with high blood pressure should not use licorice. The patients who use medicines such as aspirin, stimulant laxatives, corticosteroids, insulin, oral contraceptives, ACE inhibitors should consult a doctor before using licorice.

Steam inhalation is the other effective home remedy for treating cough. This is helpful for loosening mucous and moistening respiratory tract. You can add peppermint oil while boiling water for getting better results.

Improving the immune system of your body is the best way to treat cough asthma. This can be achieved by following a balanced diet. Several servings of fresh fruits, fruit juices and vegetables are also essential. You can include juices of celery, ginger and carrot in your diet. Homeopathy medicines such as tuberculinum, hepar-sulph, sulphur, spongia, pulsatilla, etc can also be used for cough asthma treatment.

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